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Welcome to the Curlew Recovery Partnership

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The Curlew Recovery Partnership brings together all those with an interest in Curlew conservation; together we are joining forces to help secure the future of one of England’s most iconic and threatened species, the Eurasian Curlew. More information about the Partnership.

Urgent action is needed. The Curlew is arguably the most pressing bird conservation priority in the UK, where nearly half the breeding population has been lost over the last 25 years and where range contraction has seen Curlews disappear from many traditional sites. Find out more about Curlews and their conservation.

We have engaged with our network and have developed a comprehensive Work Programme to ensure we focus our effort on the most pressing issues in Curlew conservation. View our Work Programme.

We are keen to support anyone who wants to engage in survey and monitoring of their local Curlews, and have produced a variety of useful free-to-access resources to help you get started. Download our Curlew Fieldworker Toolkit and other products.

The Curlew Recovery Partnership Blog features monthly news summaries from the Partnership and the wider Curlew community, as well as topical articles on Curlew conservation; the most recent blog posts are shown below, see older posts on our blog.

The Partnership is keen to support and engage with anyone interested in saving England’s Curlews, and will provide a conduit for information flow and future funding to support those working on the ground. If you would like to join our network or have any other questions, please contact us. 

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