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We are keen to engage with anyone interested in saving England’s Curlews, and will provide a conduit for information flow and future funding to support those working on the ground. There is no cost and no paperwork involved in joining our network, and all supporting resources are free-to-access. Our partners range from enthusiastic individuals to major conservation organisations and landowners, and include land managers, farmers, gamekeepers, policy-makers, researchers and bird-watchers. 

If you are part of a Farmer Cluster or an individual landowner, land manager or farmer, we can also provide advice and support around current and future agri-environment schemes that support Curlews. We are working with Defra and Natural England to identify opportunities to embed Curlew conservation within the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS).


We can also provide information and advice to anyone interested in funding Curlew conservation activities in England.

For general enquiries please use the CRP email:

To contact the CRP Chair by email:

To access our Facebook and Twitter accounts click the links below:

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