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Policy Briefings 

The Curlew has been described as the highest avian conservation priority in the UK. It is one of two species specifically mentioned in the 25-Year Environment Plan. 


The Curlew is a globally near-threatened species, with the UK holding 25% of the global population, half of which occurs in England. Curlew has undergone rapid decline, and since the 1990s, we have lost over half the UK population, an average of 5,500 birds each year. 

To halt the decline of Curlew and achieve recovery it is crucial that Curlew conservation is sufficiently supported in farming, forestry and wider environmental policy. Our ability to recover Curlew in England provides an acid test for our ability to meet the legally-binding Environment Act species targets. This page hosts CRP policy briefings on key issues for Curlew conservation and will be updated over the coming months as briefings are written. 

Please click below to download our one page briefings

CRP Briefing - ELM and Curlew Recovery

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