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July-Sept 2022: Curlew new and views

Russ writes:

Here, we provide a summary of CRP and general Curlew news and views across the UK and Ireland from 01 July to 30 Sept 2022:

Published 04 July 2022

Farmers and conservationists join forces to save Curlews in the Severn and Avon Vales, as reported in Farming UK.

Published 22 July 2022

Another example of Curlew habitat being impacted by development, this time a service station on the A1(M).

Published 28 July 2022

A Birdguides features on the attempt to introduce breeding Curlews to the Sussex countryside.

Published 04 Aug 2022

An article in The Times (behind a paywall) on the role that RAF airfields are playing in supporting Curlew head-starting projects in England.

Published 24 Aug 2022

A feature in Country Life that also focusses on the introduction of breeding Curlews to Sussex.

Published 04 Sept 2022

A news article from the New Forest alerting the local community about the potential influence of supplementary feeding on predator numbers, and how this might be impacting breeding Curlews.

Published 27 Sept 2022

Further evidence from the Isle of Wight that Curlews are influencing the outcome of planning decisions, or at least being considered carefully as part of the planning process.

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