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April-June 2022: Curlew news and views

Here, we provide a summary of CRP and general Curlew news and views across the UK and Ireland from 15 March to 30 June 2022:

Published 17 Mar 2022

An article about measures to reduce recreational impacts on Curlews at breeding sites in Herefordshire.

Published 24 Mar 2022

Curlew was one of four UK species featured in this BBC News story about an impressive sand drawing in Scarborough, that aimed to raise awareness of the current biodiversity crisis.

Published 27 Mar 2022

Management of recreational impacts on New Forest Curlews featured in local and national media, including this article on BBC News that featured the CRP Manager (who also covered this topic in a live interview for Sky TV News on World Curlew Day).

Published 14 Apr 2022

Curlew Country marked World Curlew Day by organising a fundraising walk for Curlews, which featured in local media.

Published 16 Apr 2022

Curlew Action have been supported this year by Roger Morgan-Grenville’s 1000-mile walk for Curlews, which is backed by the musician David Gray.

Published 21 Apr 2022

Another sobering article about the current plight of the Curlew in Ireland.

Published 21 Apr 2022

David Gray also features on a new album called Curlew Sounds that aims to raise money for the RSPB’s Curlew conservation work.

Published 13 May 2022

Ongoing concern about the impact of bird flu on breeding and non-breeding Curlews.

Published 05 May 2022

The CRP have supported and promoted this new study at University of Sheffield that was covered in The Guardian, investigating why some Curlew eggs don’t hatch or have crumbly eggshells.

Published 27 May 2022

This article features a debate about a tree-planting scheme in the Yorkshire Dales National Park that is reported to have negatively impacted breeding Curlews.

Published 08 June 2022

In addition to the CRP-sponsored Curlew Cam that is operated by Curlew Country, the RSPB also ran a live Curlew nest camera in Northern Ireland this spring.

Published 13 June 2022

Two articles highlighting the threat to breeding Curlews from development applications, especially in areas where only one or two pairs are present.

Published 25 June 2022

An article in The Guardian on Curlew head-starting projects in England.

Published 29 June 2022

Coverage on BBC News online of police action taken against a dog-owner whose dog was caught destroying a Curlew nest in the New Forest.

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