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July-Oct 2021: Curlew news and views

Russ writes:

Here, we provide a summary of CRP and general Curlew news and views for July-Oct 2021:

Published 27 July 2021

Further excellent coverage on BBC News for the East of England Curlew head-starting project, which is being supported by HRH The Prince of Wales; this project also featured in several national newspapers including The Times and the Evening Standard:

Published 19 Aug 2021

This follow-up article on BBC News provided an update on the initial movements of birds released at Sandringham and Wild Ken Hill as part of the head-starting scheme mentioned above, and features our BTO Steering Group member, Dr Samantha Franks:

Published 29 Sep 2021

Natural England have formally objected to plans for a £150M development next to the Humber Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA), primarily due to the presence of non-breeding Curlews:

Published 04 Oct 2021

If you happen to be passing through Bromsgrove Train Station don’t forget to pop into Curlew Espresso, a new eco-friendly café inspired by Curlews!

Published 15 Oct 2021

An example from Scotland of what will inevitably be an increasing conflict between subsidised tree-planting schemes and the destruction and/or deterioration of breeding Curlew habitat:

Published 26 Oct 2021

A video about the East of England Curlew head-starting project:

Published 26 Oct 2021

This article includes a recording of Starlings mimicking Curlews, which is always worth bearing in mind if you think you hear a Curlew calling in an unusual location!

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