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March 2021: Curlew news and views

Russ writes:

Here, we provide a summary of CRP and general Curlew news and views for March 2021:

Published 01-03 March 2021:

The official launch of the CRP on 01 March was widely featured in regional and specialist media; the examples below include a blog provided by our Chair, Mary Colwell.

Northern Echo (also Yorkshire Post)

Eastern Daily Press

Essex Magazine


Sporting Shooter

Mark Avery’s Blog

Published 03 March 2021:

Forestry England expands its programme of seasonal car park closures in the New Forest to help protect Curlews and other ground-nesting birds.

Published 04 March 2021:

Worrying results from BTO-led monitoring of birds on non-estuarine coasts, highlighting a 31% decline in Curlew numbers between 2007/08 and 2015/16; the study notes that about one-third of the UK wintering population of Curlews inhabit non-estuarine coasts, with these mostly thought to be UK breeding birds.

Published 10 March 2021:

Our partners at GWCT launch the new Corvedale Farmland Wildlife Project to help recovery of Curlews and other ground-nesting birds.

Published 15 March 2021:

Excellent BBC News coverage of the CRP and the Curlew conservation work being undertaken by our partners at WWT.

Published 16 March 2021:

The Curlew Head Start Project, involving our partners at WWT and Natural England, was the winner in the Environmental Protection and Enhancement category of the Sanctuary Award Winners 2020.

Published 25 March 2021:

RSPB leads calls for the public to be aware of Curlews and other ground-nesting birds.

Published 27 March 2021:

A Country Diary feature on Curlews and the CRP in The Times.

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