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Nov-Dec 2021: Curlew news and views

Russ writes:

Here, we provide a summary of CRP and general Curlew news and views for Nov-Dec 2021:

Published 22 Nov 2021

National media coverage of the launch of the new Curlew Wales initiative:

Published 03 Dec 2021

An example from Northern Ireland of the challenges of balancing the requirement for increased onshore wind infrastructure with declining breeding Curlew populations:

Published 03 Dec 2021

A letter in The Guardian by our Chair, Mary Colwell, responding to a previous letter that questioned the perilous conservation status of breeding Curlews in the UK:

Published 04 Dec 2021

An article outlining recent partnership efforts to conserve the breeding Curlew population in the New Forest National Park, which is one of the most southerly populations in the UK.

Published 13 Dec 2021

Encouraging news from the Derwent Lowland Waders Project, where habitat restoration and enhancement activities, funded by Natural England and Yorkshire Water, should benefit breeding Curlews and other waders:

Published 17 Dec 2021

Similarly, this news item features the South West Peatland Partnership, funded by Natural England and South West Water, that is also benefiting breeding Curlews and other waders:

Published 27 Dec 2021

This article, based on a National Trust news release, lists wildfires, and their impacts on Curlews and other species, as one of the ‘lowlights’ of 2021:

Published 27 Dec 2021

Another example, this one from the Kent coast, of the increasing weight being given to wintering Curlews as part of the local planning process, although this is not always enough to prevent potentially damaging development:

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